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Individual, Family and Small Business

ACA Plans - Under 65

  • Pre-Existing Conditions Covered
  • Premium Tax Credits Available for those who Qualify
  • Find Plans That Include:
    • Preventative Services
    • Prescription Drug Coverage
    • Mental Health and Counseling
    • And Other Essential Benefits

Medicare Insurance 65 and older and certain disabled persons

 Medicare parts A & B

Medicarre Supplements

       Medicare Part C          (Advantage Plans)

       Medicare Part D         (Prescription Drugs)

Employee Health Plans for Small Businesses

1Affordable Employee Health Plans for small businesses with less than  51 employees)

 Trust years of Experience

We don’t just sell you an insurance policy.  We work with you to evaluate your needs and then develop a comprehensive package that best meets those needs, including your preferred providers and prescription drugs, at the lowest prices and with the fewest out of pocket gaps or uncovered items.  The lowest premium is not necessarily the best coverage option for you and your family.  We take the time to work with you to make sure that you get the coverage you really need at an affordable premium.

Additional Coverage for:

Accident/Sickness, Short Term Medical, Critical Illness/Cancer

Life Insurance, Term and Whole life, Final Expense, Mortgage

Dental, Hearing and Vision  —  Telemedicine. 

Filling the gaps in existing health insurance plans!

(Covering the deductibles and major coinsurance)

Les Bryant

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You can’t buy health insurance when you are in the hospital. You can’t buy life insurance at the mortuary.  You can’t buy fire insurance after calling 911 for the firetruck.  You must plan ahead and take action now to be covered.  Don’t get caught without the coverage you need for you and your family!.  A simple phone call to schedule an appointment will get you started to peace of mind.

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We are independent and not captive to any specific insurance company.  With access to the top rated life and health insurance companies and the variety of supplemental plans being offered, I will help you compare available solutions and then find the best options available from top rated insurance companies that meet your specific needs. There is no one best company or product that fits everyone. Each situation is different and we analyze available alternative solutions and then present the various options to you for your review and selection. Not everybody needs the same coverage. What will meet your needs?

We start with a fact finding meeting, to determine your current situation, needs and concerns, Then we use sophisticated software to identify the best possible alternatives for you to consider.

Remember, our services cost you nothing!  Nada!  Free! No Obligation!

Schedule a free 30 minute phone consultation to review your current situation and any concerns.

Les Bryant, Lic Insurance Agent and Healthcare Specialist

Current resident address with zipcode

Name and Social Security number of each person to be covered.

Date of birth, gender and citizenship for each person to be insured.

Are any of the proposed insured receiving Medicaid/CHIP?

Employer name, address and phone number


Preferred Doctors or other Providers

Preferred hospital or emergency room

Current continuing prescriptions

Preferred Pharmacy

Preferred Dentist


Current resident address with zipcode

Name and Medicare number of person to be covered.

Date of birth, gender and citizenship for person to be insured.

Is the proposed insured receiving Medicaid?

Is the proposed insured currently on a medicare plan?

If so, carrier and plan number.


Preferred Doctors or other Providers

Preferred hospital or emergency room

Current continuing prescriptions

Preferred Pharmacy

Preferred Dentist


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