You’ve purchased health insurance to cover yourself and/or your family.  Now what is still not covered?  What are the gaps?

What are the "Gotha's"? What is not covered? What are you still liable for?

Whether you have an ACA plan, Medicare, Employer sponsered health plan, or private health plan, there will be deductibles, copays or co-insurance and exceptions.  Most plans have a MOP clause, when means that when your portion of the liability exceeds the MOP or Maximum out of Pocket, the plan will pick up the rest of covered expenses.  Many of these MOP amounts can be $5000, $10000, or unlimited.  Many health plans do not include Dental, Vision and Hearing coverage.  These potential liabilities typically are incurred during hospitalization, result of an accident, or for an outpatient surgery.   Do you have $5000 or $10,000 sitting around to cover those unplanned expenses?  Supplemental insurance plans can be structured to meet some or most of those “uncovered” items.  The next time you or a covered family member are hospitalized, don’t worry about how to pay your share of the uncovered expenses, rest easy knowing that you have made the necessary preparations, and concentrate on getting well.

Check for solutions to your "gaps" and "liabilities"

Schedule a 30 minute,  no cost or obligation review of your existing policies and any potential “gaps” in coverage.

Dental, Vision and Hearing

Dental Insurance typically covers a percentage of the following based on the plan chosen and the time the plan has been in effect.  Plans vary so be very sure you read and understand all the provisions of the policy summary of benefits..

  • Preventive Servuces (Evaluations, examinations, cleanings, and x-rays
  • Basic Services  (Amalgam and resin-based composite fillings, simple extractions, emergency treatment of dental pain, consultations and denture adjustment/repairs.
  • Major Services  (Deep sedation/general anesthesea for major services, crown services, oral surgery, composite fillings, periodontics, endodontics, and dentures.
  • Some Dental policies also include limited vision and hearing benefits
  • Check available plans and rates in your area.

Hospital Indemnity

A hospital indemnity plan can cover many of your deductibles and copays during a hospital stay or emergency room visit..  These can be structured to coordinate  closely with the out of pocket costs in your basic health insurance coverage.   These costs include: the deductible, daily copays, ambulance service, providers co-insurance or co-pays.  They can substantially reduce or eliminate your maximum-of-pocket liability.


You never expect an accidental injury. And while you should be focused on healing, it’s hard not to notice the bills piling up. That’s why a well designed plan that makes it easier for you to pay expenses that often come with an injury.

Accident fixed-benefit coverage gives you a set cash benefit for each covered injury or service.  And with things like hospital stays and rehab — those benefits really add up. Plans vary, so we help you select a plan that covers expenses other plans don’t. So you get more than expected, to help pay for the unexpected.

Critical Illness/Cancer/Heart Attack/Stroke

Our bodies are remarkable and resilient in so many ways. So we don’t always anticipate a life-threatening illness like cancer, heart attack, or stroke. But should the unexpected happen, make sure you have proper coverage for yourself and your family members.

These plans are designed to seamlessly work with any other medical plan you have. Plans are affordable, easy to understand and easy to use.
As soon as you or a loved one receives a diagnosis of cancer, heart attack or stroke — you’ll receive cash benefits directly from us. So you can focus on getting the care you need and not have to worry about the expenses you’ll have to pay

Short Term Medical

How you live and work is constantly changing. That’s why short term medical insurance gives you flexibility to choose the amount of coverage you need, for amount of time you need it. With options from top insurance providers, you can customize a plan that protects you from everyday health care costs, and unexpected health emergencies:

• Doctor visits and preventive care
• Emergency room and hospital stays
• Pharmacy benefits and discounts

Whether you’re between jobs, waiting for open enrollment or aging out of a family plan — short term medical insurance has a plan to fit your needs and budget. Get coverage today, so your health, and wealth, are protected tomorrow.

Disability Insurance

Your income is one of your most valuable assets. It allows you to maintain your standard of living, pay bills, save for the future and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. In short, your income provides the foundation for life as you know it. Have you considered what would happen if you couldn’t work to earn your income?

Disability income insurance (DI) can help by providing a monthly benefit you can use to pay your basic expenses, such as your mortgage, utilities and groceries, in the event of a covered disability.

Many people are unfamiliar with DI and don’t know where to start when exploring a policy that will fit their needs. Terms such as “benefit period” and “elimination period” can be intimidating at first, but answering these 3 questions can help make it easier to understand your DI options and will assist you and your agent to design the right DI plan for you:

  • How much do you need to cover your basic monthly expenses?   (Benefit amount)
  • How long might you need DI benefits to last?   (Benefit period)
  • How long could you go without a paycheck?     (Elimination period)

The answer to these 3 questions helps determine how to create a policy to meet your needs.  There are lots of options and we can help you evaluate your needs and structure an affordable plan to meet those needs.


Life Insurance

Life insurance is an important part of a strong financial plan and can help you accomplish many objectives. Consider your long-term financial outlook. Without your contributions, would your family be able to continue their way of life? Protect Life’s Moments for your loved ones today with life insurance.

In its most basic form, when you purchase a life insurance policy, you are entering into an agreement to pay premiums in exchange for coverage in the form of a death benefit to your designated beneficiaries. You can customize your policy through policy features and additional benefits based on your financial needs and goals.

There are many flavors of life insurance:  Term Life,  Whole Life,  Universal Life,  Final Expense,  Mortgage Cancellation.  The names are suggestive of the purpose for which the life insurance is purchased.  We can help you determine what your needs are and may be in the future, and then help you select the solutions that best satisfy those needs and achieve your goals within your budget.